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says she knows what happened. a powerline came down on her property. abc-7 news. >> dan: three air tankers and a helicopter helped bring a grass fire under control in napa valley this afternoon. know -- no homes were damaged. >>> today's hot weather is being blamed for a power outage in alameda county. 23,000 customers lost power because of an equipment failure related to the heat. a rare warm evening in san francisco, and people were able to wear shots, but along with the warm weather, we're seeing smog, and frances has more on that. >> frances: there's a "spare the air" alert for tomorrow. if you're in the south bay or santa clara valley, look for poor air quality. so if you have a respiratory problem, you may want to limit outdoor activities, inland east bar and north bay, moderate air quality. and the coast and central bay air quality is good for now. >> dan: a federal judge has extended the deadline for death row inmate at san quentin prison to choose his execution method. he is scheduled to be executed this week at 12:01 wednesday morning. he must decide when a three-drug com
afternoon. i'm dan noyes. there's a new push tonight from the drug enforcement administration to help prevent the abuse of prescription drugs by getting you to chuck what's in your cabinet. >> lisa: lisa amin gulezian joins us live now. >> lisa: some drugs are being sold, problem the police are trying to stop. they're hoping campaigns like this will help. people are cleaning out their medicine cabinets today. and bringing their extra or expired prescription to police departments all over the country. 25 dropoff cites were here in the bay area. in san francisco's tenderloin district. police want prescription drugs to come here instead of ending up out here. >> traditionally, street drug sales have been around the crack cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, some marijuana sales. we're now seeing a real increase in the sale of pharmaceutical pills. >> vicodin, oxycontin and morphine are the prescription drugs of choice on pill hill, the tenderloin. >> selling morphine. >> reporter: police stopped two people. another two got away. these men didn't have any pills on them. but one was still tak
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blog pop and politics. dan rather has spent his life in news and is a highly acclaimed reporter and news anchor. he's covered major stories of our time for cbs news and now anchors "dan rather reports" on hdnet. welcome to you both. >> thank you, frank. >> glad to have you here. very different career arcs, perspectives. let me start by asking you the big question: are the media today serving the public interest? dan, what do you think? >> overall in the main, i think yes--less so than has been the case in some of our history, particularly in the period beginning just before world war ii and continuing into the mid nineties, but overall in the main, yes. journalism, particularly journalism at its best in the best traditions of the american press, serving the public good. >> farai? >> i think it depends on who you are. the biggest divide i see in who gets served with what news is actually a class divide. i feel like if you are middle or upper middle class wealthy, the way that news, particularly--take something like economic news that we all care about--is tailored and targeted fo
is the actual republican nominee for colorado governor. his name is dan maze. while there is much to say about maze' currents troubles, let us begin here. dan maes. he was a businessman before he was a politician. the name of the business he founded was amaesing credit solutions. and it gets more amazing from there. the governor's race is such a mess now. the republican nominee may lose the nomination he has already won. the primary's over and they may strip the nomination from hi a-m-a-z-i-n-g. please stay tuned. when i had my heart attack, i couldn't believe it. it was a real shock. i remember being at the hospital thinking, "i should have done more to take care of myself." you should've. that's why i'm exercising more now. eating healthier. and i also trust my heart to lipitor. [ male announcer ] when diet and exercise are not enough, adding lipitor may help. lipitor is a cholesterol-lowering medication that is fda approved to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in patients who have heart disease or risk factors for heart disease. lipitor is backed by over 18 years of research. lipit
i'm bianna golodryga. >> and i'm dan harris. this is saturday, september 11th. >> this morning, anger and remembrance. nine years after 9/11, it's the most heated anniversary yet. with protests planned amidst the memorials. and now, that controversial pastor has arrived in new york. we're live at ground zero and with the latest. >>> what went wrong? at least four people dead in california after that massive gas line explosion leveled an entire neighborhood. how could this have happened? and how safe are the pipelines that run beneath our streets? >>> reversing course. iran now says it's delaying the release of one of the american hikers imprisoned there. she was supposed to be set free this morning. but her health is still at risk. we have the latest. >>> and standing up to cancer. actors and activists, musicians and media titans, team up to fight cancer. and we have the highlights this morning. >> that was our very own robin roberts. diane sawyer participated in the program to fight cancer. and to remember those lost to the disease, as well. good morning, everyone. >>> today i
>>> good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. >> and i'm dan harris. this is saturday, september 4th. >> this morning, breaking news. a weakened but potent earl slams into new england, bringing powerful winds, heavy rains and towering waves with it. we're live across the northeast. >>> what happened to president obama's so-called recovery summer? new numbers show more job losses. and now, the president says he has a new plan to revive the economy. but can it pass? and will it work? >>> tense moments. newly-released 911 calls from the discovery building hostage standoff. it shows just how dangerous the situation was. >> you're gonna need a sniper, asap. >>> and need for speed. erin andrews takes us inside a nascar race car as it hits top speeds. can she handle 4 gs at 170 miles per hour? >>> good morning, america. and good morning, dan harris. just back from iraq, where you were covering the official end to the combat mission there. you did a great job covering that. >> thank you. i came back just to be here with you. >> it's good to see you. >>> want to talk about the weather thi
thanks for joining us. >>> i'm dan harris. tonight on "world news," brace for impact. terrifying words from a flight attendant all recorded on video. tonight, the passengers are calling the pilot a hero. >>> running scared? barack obama and bill clinton campaigning in the bluest of blue states. just how much trouble are the democrats in right now? >>> the battle begins. thousands of american troops move into a taliban stronghold, as the surge in afghanistan enters a crucial phase, and our reporter is on the front lines. >>> fighting back. a powerful conservative pastor goes before his congregation to explain allegations that he lured young men into having sex. >>> and, last laugh. a governor turns the table on the comedians who mocked him. >>> good evening. we've all heard recordings from inside the cockpit as pilots deal with danger. but rarely do we see video from inside the passenger cabin during an emergency. tonight, though, we have pictures from delta flight 4951, forced to land at new york's kennedy airport last night because the landing gear wouldn't come down. through it
at the polling centers in the district. >>> redskins owner dan snyder and cowboys owner jerry jones sit down to have lunch with lindsay. no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. that means working with communities. we have 19 centers in 4 states. we've made over 120,000 claims payments, more than $375 million. we've committed $20 billion to an independent claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. we'll keep looking for oil, cleaning it up if we find it and restoring the gulf coast. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right. >>> a fast forward through the headlines, the manhunt for josh prince is in custody in pennsylvania. he fired gunshots at his ex-girlfriend at the
is at street level. but this man is climbing to the top of the tower. we believe him to be dan goodwin because somebody said he's working with dan is on the street passing out flyers saying, this is, indeed, "skyscraper man." is whole idea to call attention to the vulnerabilities as he calls them, of sky scrapers. we'll let you now about his progress. you can see he's not working with a net and when he gets to the top, that's where the san francisco police say they will make their arrest. we'll keep you up to date as this man progresses towards the top floor. >>> jerry brown is now if i believely in campaign mode with eight weeks left until election day. some democrats have been antsy to say the least that brown hadn't responded more aggressively to make whitman's spending and heavy campaign schedule. tracy is live in oakland where brown is speaking to supporters. i'm sure they'll want to know when brown is going to spend some money, tracy? >> reporter: absolutely. we were in fairfield earlier today as brown addressed some of his supporters and now we're here in oakland, his hometown as he spe
. the skyscraper man is dan goodwin, in a press release he handed oughton the ground before his climb he said he is doing this for two reasons, one to draw attention the vulnerability of skyscrapers to terrorist attack. of course september 11th is a few days aday. and secondly to draw attention to cancer. in his press rehe's he describes himself as a cancer survivor that he once felt so hopeless he contemplated jumping off the golden gate bridge. he is carrying a flag to unfurl at the top. he claims to have scaled not only the world trade center but the sears tower, these are some of the claims he has on his web site. we're joined on the ground here by two gentlemen who, you were inside the tower, you saw him come right by your window, in fact you poured some champagne? >> that's correct. we did power some champagne. i thought he was the french "spiderman" so i pulled a bottle of non-vintage brew out. he grinned and kept going. he is very focused on his mission. >> what can you tell by looking at him there. is he strange, does he seem tired? >> not each sweating. >> no strain whatsoever. he is i
>>> good morning, americ >>> good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. >> and i'm dan harris. this is sunday, september 19th. >>> this morning, direct hit. hurricane igor is heading straight for bermuda expected to hit with 90-mile-an-hour winds and 15-foot waves. can the island nation withstand the blow? >>> an abc news exclusive. christiane amanpour goes one-on-one with iran's president on the same day that one of those freed american hikers flies home, so now the question is, will the other two imprisoned americans be set free, as well? >>> mass suicide. >> california police say 14 people including eight children have gone missing. family members say they are part of a fringe cult and police fear they may have a suicide pact. >>> and airfares are taking off. this holiday season may be the most expensive travel period in years, so do you buy now or hope for a lower price later on? we've got some answers. >> say it ain't so. >>> fares may be going up, but the seats are shrinking. i just got off a flight the other day. it felt like we were packed like a sardine. >> it's getti
's going to take to draw people back into the stock market dan cook of ig markets joins us next with his insight. we are now joined by dan cook / ig markets to take a look at this week's headlines. after a very slow summer when will things finally pick up in the stock market? we really hope this week. the summer vacation and holidays are now over. last week was really boring. now that we have a participation back we should have allot more traders being active popping up the volumes. it doesn't mean that we should go higher necessarily but we should start to get a good sense on what the overall market bias is. what about individual investors the retail investor are they completely tuned out to the stock market at this point? it certainly does seem that way. there is a lot of money sitting on the sidelines i have heard figures of about eight trillion dollars. we have also had structural issues with may 6th so that makes them nervous. theres still allot of fear over the economy. all those things are making people react. people just want to be safe it is about preservation for a lot of peopl
>>> i'm dan harris. tonight on "world news" -- the monster storm taking aim at bermuda tonight. hurricane igor is so big it's creating dangerous rip currents from florida to cape cod. >>> sunday prayers. the first family makes a rare visit to church. is there a political message here? >>> lost and found. 13 members of a cultlike church trigger a frantic search when they disappear. >>> the youngest victim, the taliban attacked voters in afghanistan and children pay the price. >>> and lights out for the last american factory making one of this country's greatest inventions, the ordinary incan decemb decemberine lightbulb. >>> good e >>> good evening. the airport is closed. the windows are closed. the sandbags are filled. and tonight, 60,000 people on bermuda are braesing for hurricane oi go. to's heading right for tiny bermuda. there have been stronger storms but what makes igor stand out. is its size. a huge pinwheel of furry that's expected to pound bermuda for hours. our david kerley is there tonight. >> reporter: the full strength of igor is just starting to reach bermuda. ig
-old and let us begin with dan kerman and vallejo. court dan? >> that is right, the cul-de-sac of the two men's bodies were found. it is in that house. 2- women's bodies, that was where it was found on tuesday, and one was outside on tuesday. we tell you that the autopsy on both of these women, rita allen and carole smart and investigators are hoping to give them additional information. both of these were very badly decomposed on tuesday. police are looking at two different people and of course efren valdemoro is expected in other murders and of course charles rittenhouse live here and was married to one of the dead woman. and with complications of what is going on. >> it is not that it is bizarre as complicated. it is a puzzle that we're trying to put together. now, all the pieces are there. >> we can tell you that in addition to the bodies found in this home, they also found a container that was labeled depleted uranium. there is other chemicals which atf is used to make explosives. that is a separate investigation. we do not understand and the police are figuring of what all these chemical
. >> and take a look not a sight you see every day or anywhere else for that matter. spider dan, continues to climb this skyscraper, the fire department have a rescue team has been called in. just as a precaution. this millennium tower is over 54th tall and the is too high to reach but he will press them once he gets to the top. spider dan is from lake tahoe and declined a handful in the past and even released a memoir earlier this year. >> a live look aside from the golden gate bridge. plenty of sunshine right now and temperatures are nice, mild close to the coast. warm to the rest of the bay area it is been a warm labor day out there today. temperatures in the north bay are in the low 90s, and even in the south bay. starting to cool close to the coast with 77 in san francisco, 62 degrees and half moon bay in this cooling will be continuing and dramatic. this searching fog up the san mateo coast tonight and into the bay shore for tomorrow. fog early along the coast and windy, and much, much cooler. we are talking 20 degrees cooler in some spots. that will continue and that will come up. >
tegucigalpa, alli continÚan tratando de recuperarse de lluvias que desde mayo no dan treegua. otros objetivos. >> por el paso de la tormenta tropical mathew hubo muchos daÑos. >> tenemos dos puentes destruidos. en el municipio de la virtud. hay derrumbes que han sido removidos a las 4:30 de la maÑana. >> la calma ha regresado al paÍs. mathiew se dirige a guatemala y belice. pero las lluvias continuarÁn los prÓximos tres dÍas. >> las condiciones de emergencia se mantienen en alerta roja, no estamos libre de todos los efectos de la tormenta tropical, y esperemos que en las prÓximas horas podemos tener mejores noticias. >> las tormentas a finales de mayo han causado muertes de seis personas. y han dejado sin hogar a decenas de familias. >> los pronÓsticos advierten de una vaguada que ingresa por la zona sur. >> tampoco da tregua naturaleza a la costa atlÁntica mexicana. la lluvia no cesa. seguir su rumbo la temporada de ciclones y la ayuda no es suficiente. paulina nos recuenta lo que dijo el presidente felipe calderÓn. >> a ocho dÍas del impacto del huracÁn carl en veracruz siguen
columnist dan henninger, john fund and washington columnist kim strassel. some conservatives are out there saying this is weak, they wanted more, are they right? >> well, paul, i'd say they're right, but they have the wrong election. [laughter] >> this is a document for the election of 2010, the congressional election, what they're talking about is the big enchilada the election in 2012. what congress has done and republicans are trying to show that they've got religion and i think this document does that, especially the item you mentioned about pushing spending back to below 2008 spending levels, that would be a big deal. if you want big ideas and a big agenda, you're going to have to wait for the presidential candidates for that. >> paul: john, what's the best thing in this? the best policy proposal in this document? >> all of obama's proposals, expanding government, are frozen in place and the attempt is made to reverse them. in other words, the horrible stimulus package, didn't create any jobs, obama care, the health care plan, which is below 40% approval rating, and all of the
into atlanta. >> way to go. >> thank you. >> dan? >> dustin johnson, wins the bmw championship. next stop, couple of weeks, the tour championship as the top 30 will be there at eastlake. the tour championship presented by cokacology la. coming up next is your news and then sunday is football, the dallas cowboys to take on the redskins. live coverage begins with football night in america at 7:00 eastern time. what a week it's been on the outskirts of chicago. for our nbc golf team, johnny miller, gary koch, jimmy roberts and dottie pepper, dan hicks saying so long from coghill. dustin johnson, wins the bmw. you've been watching golf's best on nbc sports. >>> there are football rivalries, and then there are the cowboys/redskins games. in about two hours the boys take their matchup to a whole new level. two prime time debuts. and kwb donovan mcnab. good sunday, everyone. last season's nightmare seemed like a lifetime ago for redskins nation. tonight the fans are ready, the team is ready. and so are we. we have live team coverage tonight. john is hanging out with the tailgaters. with start wi
exchange of heat and water between the ocean and the atmosphere. dan is also a director of the california climate change center a center that works to improve and forecast for decision makers in the california region and i'm sure it's information we can take throughout the united states. dan recieved a bachelor of science in meterologist and oceanographer and received in 1971 from university that makes us about the same age dan, but i'm just a broken down lawyer and economists. he received a, ph.d., in ee in san diego. his speech today will focus on climate change and it's challenge to our water supply. please welcome doctor dan cohan. >> thank you susan, well, it's a privilege to be here. i'm really impressed with the gathering that you've all assembled here in and the quality of the discussion. so i know that i don't want to wear out my welcome so i'll try to get through this sort of on time. you know at one time there was a pointer up here, and seems to have disappeared. so, maybe we can go on to the next slide and in the meantime we'll find a pointer. it wasn't very many years ago or
group which was designated and from the market octavia and dan murphy and fernando ortiz and two of them are here for public comment and i am hear for any questions if you guys would like. thank you. president miguel: thank you. i only have one card on public comment. >> good afternoon. i am on the land use committee and i earlier committed a request for continue continuance on this item and was told i could not do it at the time. this letter is from cfsn and this is mainly because we're thinking that a citywide-type of policy and since it seems to address or mention cac's a number of times and there are many areas and most areas don't have a cac, so we're concerned that the neighborhood input has not been asked for. so this letter goes on to state, dear president miguel and commissioners, the coalition of responsible neighborhoods requests the planning commission for a continuance on this matter because of inadequate kovj and the coalition of neighborhoods and organization have over 40 neighborhood associations and was not contacted for their input. the policies and procedures may be sa
, pg&e agreed. abc 7 is live tonight with the story. david? >> this is a major change, dan, because pg&e argued it won't release the list for security reasons. it's losing ground quickly. besides state p.u.c. the public utilities commission wanting the list released in in a letter it's been joined by two federal agencies one overseeing pipeline safety. the other homeland security, they see no harm. the state public utilities commission sent this letter to pg&e asking for a list of 100 most-hazardous gas pipelines and locations. that agency along with pg&e have been under pressure for a week by state and federal lawmakers and by the governor that the public and first responders need that information. >> this has to have level of detailedness so people have, who have a right to know what is under their house. >> p fw. and e isn't saying what it plans to do. abc 7 news learned it could relesion maps and a list on monday. >> what exactly is -- is or is not provided and understanding what the cpc is requesting is something what we're working with respect to pg&e will be in contact with the
. >> reporter: dan, the chp says since the teenagers are minors they won't be releasing their names. but we know they attend novato high school, and the crash happened during school hours. officers found beer cans in and outside the wrecked bmw. also inside the car, a smashed bottle of liquor. it is unclear if and how much the passengers were drinking, but the chp says the driver was above the adult legal limit of .0 ai. the chp says he lost control on novato boulevard as he rounded a curve hitting an an on coming big rig with a load of cattle. >> the vehicle was traveling westbound. we believe it was a fair lehigh rate of speed -- fairly high rate of speed due to the length of the skidmarks. >> all of the boys were from novato high. one was pronounced dead at the scene and two others treated for major injuries and two with minor injuries. the driver was charged with driving under the influence. >> there what is an emergency uh united states no meant saying all teachers without a third prerd have to meet in the library. many students and parents were surprised to learn the accident happened just
to pay bills by text. there is an important warning tonight. >> hi, i'm dan ashley in clayton. it's annual friends of camp concord golf tournament. band is playing and golfers are here. we're raising money to send young people at summer carp camp. i'd love for to you help. stay with us. stay with us. i'll have the story in just a you inhale, they inhale. millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke. secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured. protect your loved ones. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >>> hp and oracle face a legal truth over mark herd former ceo. hired by rival oracle. herd spoke about his new job during the company's annual open world conference here in san francisco. hp sued oracle to keep herd from working there. today, herd didn't mention hn a speech. >> i'm also thrilled to be here. so... i'm really excited to be part of this and have been coming here for a while. i'm glad to be part of the team. >> thank you. >> and part of the settlement reached today two company as agreed herd would protect tr
suspending executions. they also will be taking their case to the 9th circuit court of appeals. dan? >> lilian kim reporting. now more information on this subject, there are690 people on death row that are men at san quentin. 18 women are awaiting their execution at the central california women's facility. >>> clean up is in full swiping in the heart of the san -- full swing in the heart of the san bruno disaster zone. they have signed a liability waiver that includes a guarantee they will not have any out of pocket expenses. pg&e says they will pick up the estimated $60,000 cost per house. the clean up is being done due to strict environmental regulations. >>> and from clearing debris to saying goodbye. nearly a thousand people attended a memorial service for three more victims of the san bruno disaster. three generations of one family. abc7's amy hollyfield has the story. >> almost a thousand people gathered to remember three members of the bullis family. levon and her 50-year-old son greg and his 17-year-old son, will. >> they loved one another, they loved their community. they l
>>> >>> good morning, america. i'm dan harris. >> and i'm ashleigh banfield. it is sunday, september 26th. >>> this morning, democrats on defense. they're sending out their big guns like presidents obama and clinton to bolster democrats in states where they usually win easily. will this work? >>> facing his flock. that atlanta megachurch pastor accused of sexual relations with teenage boys is speaking to his congregation this morning for the first time since the scandal broke. what is he going to say? >> abuse of power. a police officer was so furious that his teenage daughter slept with her boyfriend that he pretended to arrest that boyfriend to teach him a lesson. now the boyfriend's parents are furious, and they are armed with videotape. >> and move over, bedbugs. the latest invasion to pester homeowners and businesses alike are super small and super smelly. stink bugs now spreading throughout much of the country. >>> and we want to thank ashleigh banfield for coming in. again this morning. great to have you. >> good to be here. always thrilled to be here, especially on
. a big cooldown in the forecast. >>> coming up in sports, redskins owner dan snyder talks about maturing as an owner. it is dallas week for the redskins. excitement is building in the locker room. > >>>there is a court proceeding under way in fairfax county to resentence a man who was convicted of several murders and rapes. he was linked to the murder of rachel raver in a vacant lot in december of 1988. both the victims were the 2 years old. prieta was on death row in california. prosecutors won a conviction in 2007 but a mistrial was declared after a juror said he was pressured to convict. the retrial ended with two life sentences. # then the virginia supreme court ruled that jurors were given an improper form so prietto had to be officially sentenced again. >>> young murder suspect joran van der sloot made a big admission in an interview he gave to dutch tv from his prison cell in peru. he did admit to extortion for accepting $25,000 from natalee holloway's family. van der sloot said "at one point i said, okay, you keep insisting that you want to give me this money. i already told a lo
. sandy is tracking the storm with the latest on that and of course our weather. >> that's right dan. you know the systems pick up a lot of moisture from the atlantic and they have to dump it somewhere even though it has weakened from a category 1 to a tropical storm still has a lot of moisture to deal w.wind right now 70 miles an hour tracking to the northeast at 25. as you look at live doppler 7 hd you will see the bands of rain just rotating in around nantucket. we have reports of moderate rainfall. northeast win at 21. gusting to 35 miles an hour. they have dealt with the high waves. the rain. the whipped. along the new england coast line.i'll show you some video from rhode island. where this is where it, what it looked like. just pouring rain. sheets of rain coming down pretty hard with the wind blowing. of course that area is going to continue to deal with this kind of conditions as long as that storm continues to skirt the coast. let me show you the latest as far as the forecast is concerned. the waves will continue to impact the new england coast line as the storm work
su gente conectada. >> atravez de esto se dan mensajes politocos. >> mensajes de texto correos electronicos y por facebook. >> no solomante porque crecimos con eso nosotros queremos que las personas ocupen mas eso. >> hasta el presidente se metio en eso. >> los mensajes salieron y pasan y pasan. >> el último dia no envio mensajes proque no tengo tiempo pero tengo a una persona que me da los recados y el me dice cuales son los mas importantes. >> el uso particular en redes sociales es con precaucion por los rumeres que se dan. >> de acuerdo el concilio nacional de venezuela dijeron que en estados unidos habain varios de miles para votar entre las 6 de la mañana y 6 de la tarde para mas informacion hay un número de telñfono. >> el distrito del contro dijo que mañana es el dia para cuidar el medio ambiente. >> con eso en mente se le pide que maneje o equipos que usen combustible . >> ahora el reporte climatologico. >> recibiendo los estragos este fenomeno ha afectado con lluvia y tormentas electricas. >> esperamos que no ocurran desgracias. >> sacramento 54 san francisco 59 g
out now headed right toward them? join the panel this week, wall street journal columnist dan henning, kim strassel and steve moore. so, kim, i got an e-mail from john kerry one of the mass democratic e-mails basically almost doing cartwheels on my computer screen, celebrating the result in delaware. should they be that happy? >> i don't think they should because this was the last primary and right now, all the republicans that might get swept out or been swept out and the only people left to be swept out are democrats this fall. and a lot of the things that were driving the anger in delaware that led to mike castle's loss there, had to do with the things that democrats have got problems on, too. i mean, he had a record, castle had a record people felt he wasn't good enough on fiscal responsibility. he voted for cap and trade. these are the hallmarks of the democratic party and these voters are now coming to get them. >> but does christine o'donnell have a chance to keep that seat or make over that seat for the republicans? because it would be a net pickup? >> yes, she does have a cha
journal" columnist dan henninger, kim strosel and senior economics writer, steve moore. i got an e mail from john kerry, a mass democratic e mail doing cart wheels on my computer screen celebrating this result in dell. should they be that happy? >> i don't think they should. this was the last primary. right now all republicans that might get swept out have been swept out. the only people left to be swept out are democrats this, fall. in a lot of the thing that's we're driving the anger in delaware that led to mike castle's loss there had to do with the thing that's democrats have got problems on, too. he had a record, castle had a report. people felt he wasn't good enough on fiscal responsibility. these are the hallmarks of the democratic party. >> and does christine o'donnell have a chance to keep that seat? take over that seat for republicans? >> yes. she does have a chance, paul. but mike castle would have had a better chance of winning. i'm happy with the outcome. i think mike castle had been in the senate as a republican he would have cut deals with barack obama on things like cap
on the band wagon and says they're going to do the same thing. dan rather is here to weigh in on the controversy ahead. >>> tom brady's car crash. breaking details coming in on the accident involving the patriots' quarterback. >>> and say it ain't so. are alaskans turning their back on levi johnston? i'm chris jansing live from msnbc world headquarters in new york. >>> the remnants of tropical storm hermine turned deadly. swamping texas neighborhood and washing away roads. in belten, homes are submerged and people were hauled to safety in inflatable rafts. flood waters killed at least two people who became trapped in their cars after ten inches of rain fell in the dallas area. flood waters even closed six flags over texas. those are not supposed to look like water rides. and to top it all off, a series of tornadoes blew through the dallas area. amateur video captured this twister, it flipped an 18-wheeler and left the driver trapped. he was pulled out by a stranger. >> the driver of the 18-wheeler stuck his hand out the window and, you know, help, and me and three or four o
where, alan, a marathon city council meeting goes on. >> yeah, dan. the city council chambers are packed, and the item is still up for discussion and awaiting a vote. this would be the second time the city of richmond is being asked to donate $1.5 million to keep these schools open. olinda and grant elementary schools are on the chopping block, but the closing of kennedy high is attracting the most concern. school officials and parents argue kennedy high school is a small learning community. test scores are up. but what is at stake is more than the loss of school. madeline croninberg says managing with different parts of town could spark more gang violence. rivalries between the north and central and south sides have been deadly. >> we have had kids gunned down at bus stops just two weeks ago down at second and mcdonald. around the corner at east shore park we saw a kid get killed who was going to school. >> school board member charles ramsey says the majority of kennedy's approximately 1,000 students would likely merge with richmond high. >> i went there for like a week and it was bad.
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